Filing Application in Turkmenistan

Information on the Trademark Application  

in Turkmenistan

Requirements to trademark applications:

Application form, list of goods and services according to International Classification; 20 prints of the trademark – 5 x 5 cm, description of the trademark; if the trademark is a word – explanation of its meaning. If a trademark is filed in color, it will be indicated in the certificate that the trademark is protected in the colors as filed.

If the trade mark is a figurative one, it is necessary to specify the Viennese Classification.

The application is filed in three languages: Turkmen, Russian and English.

Turkmenistan IP Office issues the trademark certificate in three languages: Turkmen (in the national alphabet), Russian and English.

A single application may cover several classes of goods.

For filing an application a Power of Attorney is required. The Power of Attorney must bear a corporate seal or a formal stamp of the applicant. Notarization is required only in case the corporate seal/formal stamp is missing. Legalization is not required.

The term for filing additional documents is 2 months from the filing date. Within two months from the filing date of the application any changes in the application can be filed without charge.

In case of claiming a priority the applicant has to submit a document certified by the Patent Office of the country of first filing of the application.

For changes filed in the period after 2 months from the filing date of the application and before issuance of a decision on the registration of the trademark an official fee of USD 30 is charged. These changes should not constitute a considerable alteration of the trademark or the filed list of goods or services, otherwise a new application would have to be filed.

The formal examination of the application is conducted within three (3) months from the filing date of the application. The complete substantive examination of the application takes 10-11 months from the filing date.