Patent and design annuities in Turkmenistan


New patent annuities

Since July 5, 2018, new patent Official fees have entered into force in Turkmenistan, including for the patent annuities.

It should be noted that the amount of annuities has increased slightly, but on the other hand, it has become the same as it was before 2011.

In addition, now all foreign patent holders and their representatives must pay annuities only in US dollars.

In connection with the above, kindly ask you to pay the annuities to the Turkmenistan IP Office account according to the rates below:

Annuities for an Invention patent:       

03-rd annuity        100 
04-th annuity        125 
05-th annuity        150 
06-th annuity        175
07-th annuity        200
08-th annuity        225
09-th annuity        250
10-th annuity        275
11-th annuity        300
12-th annuity        325
13-th annuity        350
14-th annuity        375
15-th annuity        400
16-th annuity        450
17-th annuity        500
18-th annuity        550
19-th annuity        600
20-th annuity        650

Annuities for a Design patent:

01-05 annuities                                 500
First renewal (06-10 annuities)       1125
Second renewal (11-15 annuities)   1750